"Tunnels under the land after landing"
Type Tunneling
Damage 20/22/24/26/28
Shot Effects Fires a projectile that travels underneath the terrain before exploding.
Explosion Size Medium
How to Obtain? Automatically gained at level 1
Preceded by: None
Succeeded by: Mega-Tunneler


The Tunneler is a subterranean weapon that can attack enemies from underneath.


The projectile behaves like an ordianary Shot until it reaches the ground. The tunneler breaches the ground-line and reverses it's gravity, turning into a black 'negative' projectile, which explodes when resurfacing for low damage.


  • Tunnelers are exceptionally effective if shot directly through a peak/wall separating yourself and an enemy, as this is fairly accurate.
  • In a recent update, this weapon will explode when aimed directly at other players.
  • In previous versions, this weapon will not explode when aimed directly at other players. It will continue as if the enemy's tank was not there and explode when reaching another surface. This was known to be a bug.
  • These weapons are succeptible to disappearing off the bottom or side of the map.