Shell Shocl Live 2

Shot Types

  • Ordinary - Simple aim and shoot weapons. Example: Rapid Fire, Horizon
  • Bounce - Will bounce a certain amount of times, and then delivers damage. Example: Crazy-nade, Air Strike
  • Contact - Until it hits the tank/ground, it will not deliver the bulk of its damage immediately. Example: Sprouter, Floaters  
  • Tunneling - Tunnels through the ground (reverse gravity). Example: Sub-sniper, Molehill
  • Terraformer - Changes the shape of the map. Example: Earthquake, Fortress
  • Mid-air - Will change behaviour while still in the air. Example: Splitter, Hover Ball
  • Other - Other strange kinds of shots. Example: DJ-Bomb, Corkscrew
  • Melee - Shots that can be very effective at close range. This shot type can overlap with others. Example: Three-Ball, Spligger, Splitter

Explosion Sizes

  • Does not affect terrain. Example: Sniper, Ghostlets
  • Tiny. Example: Pepper
  • Small. Example: Shot
  • Medium. Example: Heavy Shot, Area Strike
  • Large. Example: Massive Shot, Heavy Hover-ball
  • Huge. Example: Nuke
  • Other. Example: Flattener, Bulger

Preceding/Succeeding Shot(s)

  • Preceding and succeeding shots can be thought of as a family of a similar type of weapon. Many weapons in SSL2 can be grouped together, and have been done so on this wiki for convenience. 
  • Example: Heavy Shot. It's preceding weapon would be the Shot, and the succeeding weapon would be the Massive Shot.