Prestige: Edit

Prestige is a special feature avalaibe for players that reaches level 50.

When a player reaches level 50,one must go to the Progress bar,on the

Profile tab,on main menu and there will be a option that allow a player

to prestige.

Prestige Advantages: Edit

First thing to declare is that Prestige is not obligatory,one may decide if

Prestige or not,even after already prestiging several times.When a player

Prestiges,they go back to level 1 again,but permanently unlocks a prestige

weapon and gain a diamond near it's name whit a number in it,that states

how many times the player had prestiged in.

Prestige Diamond

The Diamond that appears near the Player's nickname,in this case,a level 1 prestige.Name removed for privacity.

Aftermatch: Edit

Since you will be thrown back to the start at the level 1,all

weapons unlocked in levels will be lost and will needs to be re-

unlocked again,tough,weapons purchased in Weapon Packs,

acquired in deluxe or by prestiging other times will remains in

the players cache to use in the battle.Prestige weapons boasts

some of the best damage in the game and cannot be obtained in

Boxes/Flying boxes,also,community will recon a good Prestige.

50 levels to gain again is faster when you have the good cache of

Powerfull-packed Prestige weapons,making Prestiging a high-profitable choice to do.

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