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Attractoids Edit

The attractoids is a weapon from the sixth pack.

"Close your eyes and hit 'Fire'.Let attractoids do the work"
Type Other
Damage 2/2/3/3/4
Shot Effects Affects the entire battlefield
Explosion Size Does not affect terrain
How to Obtain? Purchasing Weapon Pack 6
Preceded by: None
Succeeded by: None

The shoots from the attractoids will drop down

from the top of the screen and home-in enemies.

Behaviour: Edit

No aiming is needed,only press "Fire".Once fired,

shots from the top of the screen will fall down

toward enemies.

Usage: Edit

1.) Get Flying boxes and damage the enemy at the same time

2.) Damage multiples (or all) enemies in a single shot

3.) Can be used in the place of a quake,whitout the risk of reforming the terrain

4.) When you are in a bad position,where aiming are pretty hard or impossible

5.) Hit random x2 in the map that can't be reached while hitting the enemy

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